Sonia’s training in perfumery was in the prestigious schools of the ISIPCA and Givaudan, where she had the good fortune to be guided in her theoretical and practical studies by teachers of world renown.

She has remained faithful to Givaudan since starting her career. It is there that, over the years regularly accumulating fragrance successes, she forged her own creative personality where her instinct and intuition played decisive roles.

Sonia’s passion for her chosen world has never dimmed, her inveterate inquisitiveness nourished by everything that she does not yet know.

Her travels are never undertaken without her faithful Leica and Moleskine notepad with which she captures the ephemeral pictures or thoughts, lest they be forgotten. A miniature ‘head space’ captures the unfamiliar scents which are subsequently analysed, deciphered and stored in her memory, where they become the inspiration and the backdrop for one of her future creations.

Colours, atmosphere, landscapes and emotions are all pretexts for composing a novel olfactory ode. Just as painters and composers assemble piece by piece their creations, so Sonia Constant works with the ingredients that comprise her perfumes.

In 2017, in parallel with her work as a perfumer for the world’s most prestigious brands, Sonia created her own perfume collection, ELLA K, an adventure in which she was able to fabricate her vision of the world from a more personal and philosophical point of view.